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Soma 350 Tab with generic name carisoprodol is available in 350mg. It is also available in 500 mg in market. It is a muscle relaxer that creates a barrier for pain sensations between nerves and brains. SOMA gives you relief from discomfort caused due to acute, painful musculoskeletal condition in adults.

The generic name Carisoprodol is used for combination therapy among the patients. It is used for short term treatments for muscle pains and calming the nervous system. It is also used to treat spasms, sprains, strains in conjunction with other rest and physical therapy. It blocks all types of pain sensations between nerves and brains. The tablet is used by most healthcare specialists. Get it online with in 24 hours delivery with best pricing possible.

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What is Soma(Carisoprodol)?

Soma is a generic name of Salt Carisoprodol. It is also used with rest and physical therapy to treat skeletal muscle conditions such as pain or injury. It is available in the strengths like 250 mg, 350 mg and 500 mg which are round and white in colour. Most commonly used carisoprodol is 350 mg tablets.It is prescribed for those who have any skeletal pains or injuries. It is also used for muscle spasm and Nocturnal leg cramps.

The medicine must be used concisely as these pains do not generally last for a long time (upto 3-5 weeks generally). But if you feel that you need to increase the dose duration, then you must consult your doctor first rather than taking the decision into your own hands. You can buy Soma online from The online chemists.


  • Used as pain killers along with the physical therapy advised by doctor.
  • Used as skeletal muscle relaxants..
  • It has application in treating muscle spasm.

What to know before you take Soma?

  • Do not take soma without the guidance of your doctor.
  • Avoid consumption of alcohol until Soma is safely withdrawn from the body.
  • Avoid driving of vehicle/running a machinery or any activity which requires a lot of attentions. Soma might make you feel little low and sleepy.
  • Soma effects your central nervous system to relax you from the pain. So you are advised to take rest at least for half an hour when you have taken your dose. 

How to use Soma 350/soma 500 mg?

There are three types of dose available in market i.e. 250 mg, 350 mg and 500mg which are round and white in colour marked 250/350/500 respectively. You can take Soma tablets with water. The tablet’s strength will be advised to you by your doctor or regular practitioner only. Do not consume with liquor.

Dosage for Soma

Initial dose of maximum 600-800 mg to be administered per day in splits of three, one before going to bed. Maximum dose to be taken is 1000 mg in splits. It is administered orally. Soma is also available in market with different brand name like Pain O Soma or prosoma and many more. We would suggest you to go for these two only. Widely used Carisoprodol is Soma 500mg dosage which is easily available in online market from trusted online chemists. 

Discontinuation/dosage reduction

  • Dose should be first taken under doctor’s guidance only.
  • Sudden increase of dose should be avoided.
  • Doctor can increase dose by doubling it every third day until target achieved.
  • Dose should not be instantly decreased or stopped. This may result into many problems like dizziness, insomnia, sleeplessness and many more.
  • Dose can be creased slowly and gradually as the way they are increased(Halve the dose every third day to minimum qty, continue minimum quantity for a week then make it alternate days.

Side effects and precautions

Side effects

  • Instability
  • Dizziness, Drowsiness seizure in case of overdose.
  • Weakness
  • Headaches
  • Epigastric discomfort
  • Leukopenia
  • Sleepiness
  • Feeling the same pain as it was earlier.


  • Depression patient should go for Soma under the guidance of a doctor only.
  • One with breathing problem should also consult doctor before you opt for Soma under serious pain or muscle spasm only.
  • Personality disorder/troublesome patients should avoid the use of Soma on their own.
  • Liver or kidney patients are advised to consider smallest possible quantity of Soma since Soma also effects your kidney.

Do’s & Don’t


  • Keep out of reach of children and pets.
  • Store in a cool and dry place for longer life.
  • Buy Soma 350 mg in blister pack only.
  • Keep your pills counted and for your personal use only.
  • Buy Soma online from trusted website only.
  • Increase/decrease dosage slowly and gradually.


  • Do not let in contact with children and pets.
  • Do not buy Soma 350 mg loose.
  • Storage should not be in contact with moisture, if done, throw them away.
  • Do not share your pills with anyone else. Sharing pills with others is considered as criminal offence, since Soma is a prescribed and controlled medicine.
  • Do not buy from a local vendor or a drug peddler.
  • Do not Overdose.
  • Don’t increase/decrease your dose instantly. It should be done slowly and gradually

How does Soma make you feel?

Soma directly hits your nervous system. It calms down your brain to balance the nervous/brain activities promoting the relaxing factor of your mind. It decreases the blood pressure though, it is not prescribed for lowering the blood pressure. It also raises the dopamine level and when taken boosts your feel good factor in your brain.

Withdrawal Symptoms

  • You might feel anxiety.
  • Insomnia or other sleeping disorders
  • Confusion(Lack of decision making precision)
  • Feels like unstable in choosing things.
  • Depressions
  • Seizures
  • Irritability

How to Buy Soma 500 mg online?

  • You can buy Soma online from trusted online chemists like
  • The resource I use to buy Soma 350 mg online is +1 786 393 6844(Tom)
  • I also have come across few email ID’s that provide me the best Soma 350 mg online is you can email to or or
  • You can also order Soma online by going to and search for the buy Soma 350 mg online and go to the results.


How long does Soma take to work?

Carisoprodol is a quick dissolving salt. Soma works within 15-30 minutes of consumption. You should stay still at least for half an hour once you have taken your dose. Is it advised to take smaller qty in day time and bit higher in night before you go to bed. If you take a higher dose in day while working, you might loose your conscious for once. So it is advised to take rest just after you have taken your dose.

Where to buy Soma 350 mg online?

You can simply order Soma 350 mg online from the online chemists working 24*7 websites. It is advices to buy Soma 350 mg online in blister pack only from trusted sources. I prefer to go for

How often can you take Soma 350 mg?

You can take Soma from 1-10 mg per day depending upon the severity of the cause. It is generally advised to take maximum upto 6 mg dose splitting to 3 doses of 350 mg each. Soma dose varies from person to person too.

Who should not take Soma?

  • Any pregnant lady should avoid using Soma.
  • Patients with kidney or liver disease should not take Soma without prescription of a doctor.
  • Minors below the age of 18 are not generally advised to take Soma.
  • Persons above the age of 65 are advised to take Soma under prescription of a doctor only.

What medication should not be taken with Soma?

  • Soma causes Drowsiness, So any medication that causes drowsiness should not be taken with Soma. 
  • Medicine for lowering the blood pressure should not be taken since Lorazepam itself lowers the blood pressure, But Soma should not be taken particularly to lower the blood pressure.

What is Soma 350 mg used for?

Carisoprodol is used mainly as a muscle relaxant.

How long does Soma wear off?

12 hours for half of Soma to be worn out. It is experimentally said that Soma is worn out of the body half in the first 12 hours of consumption through urine being passed by well functioning kidneys and liver. Rest of the half is worn out in a cycle of the next 9 days slowly and gradually.


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