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Benefits of Klonopin

Individuals using clonazepam for medical purposes can find many benefits from the drug, if they take it as directed. The drug has the ability to decrease feelings of nervousness, tension, and anxiety and provide the user with an overall calming sensation.2 This benefits many individuals who struggle with disorders that keep them feeling overly-aroused or on-edge.

Managing these symptoms can improve a person’s social life as well as their ability to perform at work, improving their overall livelihood and wellbeing. When used as directed, clonazepam can help an individual function more normally and enjoy life.

Risks of Clonazepam Use

There are many potential risks associated with both prescribed and recreational clonazepam use. Clonazepam has a very high abuse and addictive potential. Like other addictions, clonazepam dependence or addiction can take over an individual’s life.

Other potential risks of clonazepam use are directly related to the drug’s powerful side effects.

When misused or abused the drug may cause the following side effects:

Lightheadedness and drowsiness
Mental confusion
Personality changes, extreme mood swings
Lack of motivation, lack of interest in relationships, hobbies or pastimes
Impulsivity and reckless behavior
Irritability, aggression, rage
Impaired motor function
Liver damage
Onset of seizures
Withdrawal symptoms when the drug is stopped3

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While under the influence of clonazepam an individual is vulnerable to hazardous decision making. The combination of intoxicating side effects and decreased inhibitions can lead accidents, injury, illness, legal trouble, and death.

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