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Mercedes Siles Molina, president of Aneca.
The care training in persistent covid hasn’t started yet, but its definition is already generating controversies between training agents involved. On the one hand, the promoters of the clinical guideline on long covid, who are generating consensus knowledge, understand that this training should be directed exclusively to professionals that they can put it into practice. However, the students claim that I also know include in grade and they just found a new ally.
Based on information published in Medical Writing that the chosen modality would be a university postgraduate course, the National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation (Aneca) has recalled that training programs must “be up to date” with the “latest research” in the disciplines and with the “changing needs” of society.
According to agency sources, the evaluations they carry out meet the criteria and standards for quality assurance established in the European Higher Education Area. “Therefore, in light of Aneca’s evaluation criteria, it is appropriate that in the training programs of the groupdegree in Medicine updates are included relevant with regard to covid”they assure.
How should covid training be included in the Medicine degree?

Those in charge of preparation and updating of study plans of medicine are universities. For its modification, prior approval is required from the Council of Universities through the established verification and modification procedures. In addition, you need a previous report of the external quality assurance agency who also makes periodic reports on the development of the study plans through the procedures for monitoring and renewal of the accreditation.
Therefore, from Aneca they refer the responsibility to the universities and warn that they will be monitoring the process: “Universities must go to the procedure for modifying their study plans, within which the agency will ensure the quality of the changes to be introduced by the university”.
Students, in favor of including long covid training in the degree

Faced with this present and future healthcare challenge, the new promotions also consider that they should receive specific training, as detailed by the vice president of the State Council of Medicine Students (CEEM), Àlex Boada Borràs, in an interview with Medical Writing. “What it is idyllic for our training as doctors is that the current situations are included because we always have to be updating ourselves”, says Borràs.
Therefore, from CEEM they do not “look bad” to include a topic of such importance within the pandemic. “Also, it is something that we are going to use because it will remain residual and we will continue to see it in our clinical day-to-day”, highlights the vice president of CEEM, who also points to a possible help in the MIR: “These topics are very popular to ask at the MIR and this training helps us to cover this”.
Although it may contain statements, data or notes from health institutions or professionals, the information contained in Medical Writing is edited and prepared by journalists. We recommend the reader that any questions related to health be consulted with a health professional.
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